Who was who: W

Wanless, Thomas (c1640-1712)

Organist at York Minster and St Michael-le-Belfrey, York

1702 The metre psalm-tunes ... for ... St Michael's of Belfrey's in York (P52)

Wainwright, John (1723-68)

Church musician and composer of Stockport, Lancashire. He published a collection of church music in 1766. In 1767 he became organist of Manchester Collegiate Church, later the cathedral. (Francis Roads)

[1766?] A collection of psalm tunes ... (P196)

Wainwright, Robert (1748-82) and Richard (1757-1825)

Sons of John Wainwright above. In 1775 Richard succeeded his brother Robert as the organist at the Manchester Collegiate Church, Robert having succeeded his father. Richard subsequently held posts at Liverpool and Preston. Richard published secular songs as well as hymns. (Francis Roads)

[c1790] The Lord is risen (P289)

Warner, Daniel (fl 1694-1719)

Psalmodist of Ewelme, Oxfordshire

[-1719] An intire guide to parish-clarks (P74); possible copy (lacking title page): British Library K.4.e.17(2)

[-1719] A further guide to parish clerks (P75; two vols, only treble version has survived)

1719 The singing-master's guide to his scholars (P78)

Watts, Joseph (fl 1749)

Psalmodist of Fennycompton, Warks.

1749 A choice collection of church music (P135); 11 FTs, 1 new, 6 joint

Webbe, Samuel (1740-1816)

Apprenticed in his teens to a carpenter, he became a partly self-taught organist and composer who lived and worked in London. As a Roman Catholic his opportunities as organist were limited, and he played at the Portuguese and Sardinian chapels. He became best known as a composer of secular glees. His Collection of Original Psalm Tunes (c1805) was published jointly with his son Samuel (c1770-1843), who was also a composer, and who became organist of the Unitarian Chapel, Liverpool. (Francis Roads)

[1788] Eight anthems in score, for the use of cathedrals and country choirs (P262a)

A facsimile of an early edition of A Collection of Motetts or Antiphons (1792) is available from the Library

West, Benjamin (fl 1760-90)

Worked in Nottingham. Known only from his publication Sacra Concerto (1760) which includes psalm tunes, anthems and an introduction to music theory (Francis Roads)

Weyman, David (fl. 1812-14)

Vicar choral of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, and publisher of several volumes of sacred music of his own and others' composition. (Francis Roads)

Wilkins, Elizabeth (fl c1775)

Psalmodist of Great Milton, Oxon. Wife of Matthew Wilkins, she seems to have published music after his death.

[c1775] A collection of church music (P228); 17 FTs, 2 new

Wilkins, Matthew (1704-72)

Born in Great Milton, Oxfordshire, in July 1704 and died there in 1772. He was a butcher but also taught music

[c1730] A book of psalmody (P101); copy: British Library A.992.a

[c1750] A second book of psalmody (later edn). A facsimile of this book is in preparation

[c1760] A book of psalmody (P182a; entirely different from P101); copy: British Library A.992; 16 FTs, 2 new

Williams, Aaron (1731-76)

London psalmodist and music publisher; clerk of Scots church, London Wall

1763 The universal psalmodist (P189); 3 FTs, 2 new
1764 The universal psalmodist 2nd edn; 3 FTs
1765 The universal psalmodist 3rd edn; 3 FTs; see also A31
[c1765] Royal harmony (P193)
1769 Psalmody in miniature (P199)
1770 The universal psalmodist 4th edn (P189.4); 2 FTs
1770 The new universal psalmodist '5th edn' (P202)
[-1775] An ode or anthem for the New Year (P216)
[-1775] Two new anthems for Christmas-Day (P217)
[c1775] The new universal psalmodist '6th edn' (P202 later edn)
1778 Psalmody in miniature. In III books 2nd edn (P236; enlargement of P199) supplements added in 1778 and 1780
[-1780] A new Christmas anthem (P238; advertised in Thomas Williams's P241)
1783 Psalmody in miniature. [In V books] 3rd edn (P236; enlargement of P199)

Williams, George Eben. (1799-1819)

'Williams was born in 1799, and received his musical education at St Paul's Choir, but was so strongly attached to the organ that he was frequenly employed in the organ loft of the Cathedral. On the breaking of his voice he became deputy to Mr Stevens, at the Temple and Charter-house, and afterwards to Dr Arnold, at Westminster Abbey and the Chapel Royal. Mr W.'s talents and propriety of conduct so recommended him to the Dean, that on the Doctor's death he was appointed to succeed him at an earlier age perhpas than any one since the days of Purcell. He died in 1819. His fatal malady appeared to have been brought on through too close application to business; he was buried with great respect in the cloisters of the Abbey.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Williams, Thomas (fl 1780-89)

London psalmodist

1780 Harmonia coelestis (P241)
1789 Psalmodia evangelica vol I (P269); 9 FTs, 4 new, 1 joint
(1790) Psalmodia evangelica vol I 2nd edn; 9 FTs
(1792) Psalmodia evangelica vol I 3rd edn; 9 FTs

Willis, Richard (fl 1734)

Nottingham psalmodist

1734 The excellent use of psalmody (P109)

Willoughby, Robert (fl 1799-1810)


(1799) Sacred harmony in parts (P314)

Wise, Samuel (fl 1771)

Organist of St Mary, Nottingham

[1771] Three anthems ... for the use of parochial churches (P208); copy: Nottingham Local Studies Library, qL78.8

Woodmason, Charles (fl 1745)

Psalmodist of Gosport, Hants

[c1745] A collection of psalm tunes ... for the use of Gosport in Hampshire (P128)
(1748) A collection of psalm tunes ... for the use of Gosport in Hampshire (P128 later edn; Portsmouth)

Wright, John (fl 1790)

Psalmodist of Malden, Kent

[c1790] The Essex melody (P290)

Wyvill, Zerubabbel (fl. 1792-1810)

Worked in Maidenhead, Berkshire (Francis Roads)