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Page, John (d 1812)

Lay clerk of St George's chapel, Windsor, 1790-95; of St Paul's cathedral, 1801-12

1795 Anthems and Psalms as Performed at St Paul's Cathedral on the day of the Anniversary meeting of the Charity Children in London and Westminster
1798 Divine harmony ... composed ... by the late ... Phocion Henley ... [and] Thos. Sharp (P311)
(1800) Harmonia sacra (P316), a three-volume collection of music from the 16th to 18th centuries; includes an anthem by Phocion Henley
1804 Six Anthems and Ten Chants by Johnathan Battishill
1806 Music from Lord Nelson's funeral

(Information supplied by Robert Barr)

Pearce, Samuel (fl 1776)


[c1776] Sacred music (P231); 31 new FTs

Pearson, William (d 1736)

London music printer and publisher

[1731-] The second book of the divine companion (P104; sequel to Henry Playford's Divine companion P51); 1 new FT
[c1745] The divine companion [2nd edn; printed and sold by J. Robinson]; 1 FT

Peaston, William (fl 1800)

Scottish compiler

[c1800] A selection of psalm and hymn tunes in three parts (S7); 1 FT

Peck, James (fl 1800)

London music publisher

(1798) Two hundred and fifty psalm tunes (P312)

1799-1800 Peck's Collection (facsimile available in the Library)

Playford, Henry (b1657)

Son of John Playford. London music publisher

1701 The divine companion (P51); 1 new FT - the first
1707 The divine companion 2nd edn; 1 FT
1709 The divine companion 3rd edn (reissued 1715); 1 FT
1722 The divine companion 4th edn; 1 FT

Playford, John (1623-86/7)

London music publisher; clerk to the Temple church

1757 The whole book of psalms ... 20th edn, revised by Joseph Fox (P165; based on P29)

Pleyel, Ignace

'A German composer still living, and justly eminent for the excellence of his compositions, and the sweet simplicity of his airs. We understand that Pleyel at this time keeps a music-shop in Paris.' (Psalmo-Doxologia, c1825)

Porter, Samuel (fl 1700)


1700 Plain and easie directions for psalm-singing ... (P49); copy: Cambridge University Library

Porter, Samuel (fl 1800)


[c1800] Twenty five odes, hymn tunes etc. (D17); 2 new FTs

Pratt, Jonas (fl 1755)

Psalmodist of Spalding, south Lincs. One of his psalm tunes -- that for Psalm 98 -- has survived in oral tradition to this day; it is sung by Beeston Methodist Carol Choir to 'While Shepherds Watch'd' (source: Ian Russell of Village Carols).

[c1755] A set of anthems and psalm tunes (P158); 2 new FTs

Purcell, Daniel (c1660-1717)

Brother of Henry; organist of Magdalen college, Oxford, 1688-95; St Andrew, Holborn, 1713-17

1718 The psalms set full for the organ or harpsichord (P73)

Purcell, Henry (1658-1695)

'Purcell, unquestionably the first vocal composer of his age and country, was born in 1658, and admitted one of the choristers of teh Chapel Royal, under Capt. Cook, then master of the King's boys. At the early age of eighteen he was appointed organist of Westminster Abbey, and six years after one of the organists of the Chapel Royal. He died at the age of 37, through a cold caught in keeping late hours. Some of his airs are very sublime, and Dr Crotch says some of his chorusses have never been excelled.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)