Who was who: M

Madan, Rev. Martin (d 1813)

'Brother to Dr Spencer Madan, Bishop of Peterborough, Martin Madan was bred to the Bar, with the fairest prospects of promotion, but left it for the church, and was the first preacher at the Lock Chapel; and composed, at the melodies of many of, the best tunes in that connection. He lost his popularity, however, by publishing his Thelyphthora, and retired from the pupil until he died in 1813, at the advanced age of 87.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Major, S. (fl 1795-1800)

See also Smith, Isaac, 5th edn

[c1795] Sacred melody 9th edn (P303); 10 FTs
[c1796] Sacred melody 10th edn; 10 FTs
[c1800] Sacred melody 11th edn; 10 FTs

Marsden, Joshua (fl 1719)

Liverpool psalmodist

1719 The psalm-singer's instructor (P77)

Marsh, John (1752-1828)

Amateur musician of Chichester

[c1785] A verse anthem ... ten new psalm tunes (P255); 1 new FT
[c1800] Fourteen new psalm tunes ... two hymns for charity children (P325)

Mason, William (1725-97)

An ordained minister who became prebendary (1757) and precentor (1762) at York Minster. A minor poet, scientist, painter and landscape gardener as well as an accomplished amateur musician. (Francis Roads)

Mason, William, of Cambridge (fl 1790)


[c1790] Congregational singing (D8); 3 FTs, 1 new, 1 joint

Merritt, Thomas (1863-1908)

Born 1863 at Illogan, Cornwall. Died 1908 and buried in Illogan churchyard, where there is a memorial to him.

A son of a miner, Merritt started his working life in the mines, but ill health soon forced him to leave that occupation. He scraped a living as a music teacher, having had six months tuition by the age of 18, acquired as and when he could manage to pay for it.

Although best known now for his carols, still very much alive in West Cornwall, he also wrote oratorios, anthems, a cantata and several hymns. Twelve of his most popular carols have been published in Thomas Merritt -- Twelve Cornish Carols, by Dyllansow Truran -- Cornish Publications, Trewolsta, Treworgie, Redruth.

His carols are still to be heard, performed by male voice choir and brass band every year at the Christmas Lights opening ceremony at Mousehole, near Penzance. They were also taken to America and Australia by emigrant miners during the depression in the local mining industry. An LP record by the Grass Valley Male Voice Choir included several of his carols. (Dudley Currah)

Milgrove, William

'Organist of Lady Huntigdon's Chapel, Bath, whose tunes are very popular. Soem of his tunes have a beautiful simplicity; but others rather degenerate into the song style, and imitate the Scotch national airs.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Miller, Dr Edward (1735-1807)

Organist at Doncaster, 1756-1807

(1790) The psalms of David (P271) A facsimile of this important and influential publication (for reformed psalmody) is available from the Library.

Milner, Abraham (fl 1750-80)

London psalmodist

[c1750] Sacred melody (P141)
1751 The psalm singers companion (P144); 5 FTs
[c1760] The psalm singers pocket amusement (P182)
[c1767] The psalm singers companion 4th edn (P144.4); 5 FTs

Milton, John

'The father of our celebrated poet. According to Dr Busby, "though not musical professor, he was a voluminous, scientific and ingenious composer". He was also an amateur performer on the organ. York is the only one of his Psalm-tunes that has survived the wreck of time.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Monzani, Tebaldo (fl 1790-1810)

Italian flute maker established in London

(1793) A selection of twelve psalms and hymns (P295)

Moore, Thomas (d 1792)

Manchester psalmodist; later at Glasgow

1750 The psalm singer's compleat tutor and divine companion 2nd edn, Manchester (P138)
[c1762] The psalm-singer's delightful pocket companion (S1); 1 new FT

Moreton, John (1764-1804)

Leader of the choir of King’s Chapel, Birmingham. (Fynn Titford-Mock)

[pre-1800] Moreton’s Tunes. A Set of New Psalm & Hymn Tunes, &c. set to the Poetry of Dr Watts and other generally useful Hymns Psalms &c. with a Table of reference to the Old and New Versions. London & Birmingham
1804 Sacred Melody, being Fifty Psalm & Hymn Tunes, in Four Parts, with Entire New Music set to the Works of Dr Watts & Others, etc. Birmingham: John Moreton 

Mozart, J. C. W. T (1756-1791)

'Born at Saltzburg, 1756 -- began music at four years old, and at six was exhibited in the different Courts of Germany. He composed for the church, the chamber, and the theatre, and all in the first style of excellence. In 1780 he was made Chapel Master to the Emporer, and died in 1791.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Munden, John

Northamptonshire composer (Steve Weston)