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Jackson, Thomas (c1715-81)

Organist at Newark, 1768-81

[c1780] Twelve psalm tunes and eighteen ... chants (P244)

Jackson, William (1730-1803)

'Born at Exeter in 1730, and died in the same city in 1803. He had a liberal education, and, studying music under the celebrated Travers, was chosen organist of Exeter Cathedral. He was a respectable litereary writer, as well as an excellent composer in the plaintive and pathetic style.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Jacob(s), Benjamin (1778-1829)

Organist of Surrey chapel (1794-1825)

[1797] A collection of hymn tunes ... for the use of Surry chapel (P651); 1 new FT
[c1817] National Psalmody (facsimile in preparation)

Jarman, Thomas (c1788-1862)

A tailor of Clipstone, Northamptonshire. From 1800 onwards he published over 600 hymn and psalm settings, and much other liturgical music (Francis Roads)

Johnson, J. (fl c1740-62)

London music publisher

[c1760] Ten full anthems ... for the use of country churches (P181)
[c1770] Ten full anthems ... for the use of country churches (P181 later edn)

Jones, Rev. William (1726-1800)

Perpetual curate of Nayland, Suffolk. 'A respectable composer of church music, as well as an eminent philosopher and divine.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Bob Barr sent in the following extract from William Jones of Nayland 1726-1800 by the Reverend Canon Arthur Middleton:

... Great care was taken with the celebration of the public services of the Church, which in one of his parishes he (Jones) made an effort to solemnize daily. Music was an important ingredient in this ordering of worship, especially the sacred music of the Church. Hence, knowing how greatly psalmody is adapted to enkindle the devotion of the faithful worshipper, he was anxious to introduce it into his church. He composed several anthems, besides ten compositions for congregational use. He also procured an organ for his church at Nayland; to which, besides a sermon on the excellency of music, we are probably indebted for his 'Thoughts on a Church-organ'.

There is a portrait of Jones at http://anglicanhistory.org/jones/

Jones, William

Northamptonshire composer (Steve Weston)