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Hall, Elias (fl 1706)

Lancs psalmodist

1700 The psalm-singer's necessary companion 1st and 2nd edns (P47); Temperley (1979) attributes Hall to this title
1706 The psalm-singer's compleat companion (P56); a revised version of P47?
1708 The psalm-singer's compleat companion (later edn)

Hall, John (fl 1700)


1700 Tunes to the psalms of David (P50; co-author Samuel Shenton); copy: Euing Library, Glasgow University

Handel, Geo. Fred. (1684-1759)

'A character universally venerated among the lovers of sacred music. His father intended him for the study of the law, but his genius surmounted all difficulties, and he rose confessedly to the head of the musical profession. He was born at Halle, in 1684; first came to England in 1710, and soon after fixed his residence in this country. His compositions were innumerable, and obtained for him the highest rank as a composer, especially of sacred music, and in the sublime style. He died in 1759, and his memory was honoured with a Musical Commemoration in 1784, under the immediate patronage of his late Majesty.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Harrison, Rev. Ralph (1748-1810)

'A respectable dissenting minister at [Cross St Unitarian chapel,] Manchester, of the Presbyterian denomination. He published two volumes of Psalm and Hymn-tunes between twenty and thirty years since, among which were several of his own.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

[1784] Sacred harmony vol I (P253); 18 FTs, 6 new, 1 joint (facsimile in preparation)
[1786] Sacred harmony vol I, [2nd edn]; 18 FTs
[1793] Sacred harmony vol I, [3rd edn]
[c1795] Sacred harmony vol I, 4th edn; 18 FTs
[1786] Sacred harmony, vol II (P258); 10 new FTs

Harrod, W. (fl 1789)

Psalmodist of Stamford, Lincs; possibly connected with John Harrott

1789 Select psalms of David (P267); 1 FT

Harrott, John (fl 1769)

Psalmodist of Great Bowden, Rutland; links with William East. Some of Harrott's psalms have been found in a manuscript book used in Meldreth church (source: Ian Cutts, who is transcribing many of the psalms in these books).

1769 The Rutland-harmony (P198); 42 FTs, 8 new
1770 The divine vocal and instrumental concert (P200); 3 new FTs

Hart, Philip (d 1749)

Organist of St Andrew Undershaft, London, 1729-49; and of St Dionis Backchurch, 1724-49

[1716] Melodies proper to be sung ... (P69)
[1720] Melodies proper to be sung ... (later edn)

Harvey, William (fl 1800)

Wiltshire psalmodist

[c1800] The Melksham harmony (P321); 6 new FTs

Harwood, Edward (1707-87)

Psalmodist of Chester, probably of a dissenting group. Composer of the renowned Vital Spark; a modern edition made by Sally Drage from the original printing is in Georgian Psalmody 2: Music Anthology

[c1770] A set of hymns and psalm tunes (P205)
(1786) A second set of hymns and psalm tunes (P259); 3 new FTs

Haweis, Rev. Thomas (1733-1820)

'Late Rector of Aldwinkle, who had a taste both for poetry and music. He published a small Supplement to Lady Huntingdon's Hymns, several of which he set to music.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

[c1792] Carmina Christo (D11); 2 new FTs

Hawes, Samuel (fl 1799)

Dissenting compiler

[1799] A second volume to Addington's collection (D15); 14 FTs, 8 new

Hawes, William (fl 1704)

Psalm tune compiler

1704 A collection of psalms (P55)
1707 A collection of psalms (later edn)

Haydn, Joseph (1733-1809)

'A celebrated German composer, born 1733, and brought up in the Cathedral of Vienna. In 1761 he entered the service of Prince Esterhazi. In 1791 he visited England, where he was introduced to their Majesties; and fice years after he returned to Germany, where he died in 1809, in a state of remarkable imbecility. His compositions were numerous, and of the first order, particularly his Symphonies and his Oratorio of the Creation.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Hayes, Dr Philip (1738-97)

Organist at St John and St Mary, Oxford; professor of music

'Son and successor of Dr W. Hayes, to which office he must have been appointed prior to 1785. He was created Mus. D. 1777, and died suddenly in his 58th year, in 1797, and was buried in St Paul's Cathedral. He is supposed to have been one fo the largest men in England.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

[c1790] Sixteen psalms ... Selected from Merrich's version (P278; revision of P223, see Hayes, William)

Hayes, Dr William (1706-77)

Organist of Magdalen college, Oxford, 1734-77; professor of music

'Author of a number of popular Glees; also Anthems and Hymns, which possess the same mellifluous character withe his Glees.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

[c1775] Sixteen psalms ... To which is added a score ... for ... country churches (P223)

Heighington, Rev. Dr

'A clergyman, author of a tune very popular forty or fifty years ago, and still in use.' (Psalmo-Doxologia, c1825)

Hellendaal, P(i)eter (the elder) (1721-99)

Dutch violinist; organist at King's Lynn, Norfolk, 1760-62; Cambridge music publisher

[1793] A collection of psalms and hymns for the use of parish churches (P294)
[c1795] A collection of psalms and hymns for the use of parish churches (P294 later edn)

Henley, Phocion (1728-1764)

Born 1728, the son on John Henley of Dorset. Wadham College, Oxford, BA 1749-50. King's College, Cambridge, MA 1753. Rector, St Andrew by the Wardrobe, London, 1759-64. Died 29 August 1764 (Bob Barr)

Compositions: 'The Cure of Saul', collection of six hymns; so far untraced but mentioned in Henley entry in Alumni Cantabrigiensis
20 psalm settings in Divine Harmony (1798), published by John Page
Anthem 'Hear my prayer, O God, and hide not thyself', in Ladies Magazine, July 1778

Hering, John Frederic (fl 1795)

'A few years since organist of the German Lutheran Church, Trinity Lane: he set twelve Hymns fo Lay Huntingdon's Collection.' (Psalmo-Doxologia, c1825)

(1795) Twelve hymns in four parts (D13); 2 new FTs

Heptinstall, William

'A Psalmodist of Warwickshire, who, though not a musical professor, was an enthusiast in the art, and possessed considerable taste. Some of his tunes were very popular in the neighbourhood of Birmingham.' (Psalmo-Doxologia, c1825)

Heron, Henry (fl 1790)

Organist at St Magnus, London Bridge

1790 Parochial music corrected: ... for the use of the charity-schools in London, Westminster, etc (P270); 1 new FT

Hewett, James (fl 1765)

1765 An introduction to singing (P192); 3 FTs

Hill, John (fl 1751-91)

Psalmodist of Lydd, Kent; later of Rugby, Northants

[c1757] A new book of psalmody (P166); 10 new FTs
[1788-91] Hill's church music (P264); 1 new FT; periodical; Leicestershire Records Office has many copies.

Hinton, Simon (fl c1750)


[-1751] A collection of church musick (P143); 1 FT

Holdroyd, Israel (fl 1724-53)

Psalmodist in Halifax area

[c1724] The spiritual man's companion (P88)
[c1730] The spiritual man's companion 2nd edn
1733 The spiritual man's companion 3rd edn (P88.3); 2 FTs, 1 new
1746 The spiritual man's companion 4th edn; 2 FTs
1753 The spiritual man's companion 5th edn; 2 FTs

Howard, Dr Sam. (d 1783)

'Brought up in the Chapel Royal, distinguished by the ease and simplicity of his style. He died in 1783. He was organist of St Clement's Danes, and St Bride's, Fleet Street.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Howgill, William (fl 1800)

Organist at Whitehaven, Cumb.

[c1800] An original anthem ... with ... 38 psalm tunes (P322)

Hudson, R. (fl c1750)

Master of St Paul's Choir, about the middle of the 18th century' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Husband, J.

'Some time Clerk of Surrey Chapel, and author of several popular tunes. Meeting with some difficulties, he went to end his days in America.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Hutchinson, John (fl 1756)

Parish clerk of Grantham, Lincs

1756 A set of anthems and psalm tunes ... of Grantham (P160)
1792 A set of anthems and psalm tunes ... of Grantham (later edn of P160)