Who was who: G

Ganthony, Joseph (fl 1780)

London composer

[c1780] An anthem for Christmas Day ... (P243)
[c1785] An anthem for Easter-day (P254)

Gawler, William (1750-1809)

Organist at Asylum for Female Orphans, London

1781 Harmonia sacra

Goodwin, Starling (fl 1775)

Schoolmaster; organist at Maidstone, Kent

[c1775] The complete organist's pocket companion (P221)

Gospel Magazine (1770s)

1774 The Gospel Magazine, June 1774 (D4); 1 new FT
1779 The Gospel Magazine, December 1779 (D5); 1 new FT

Greene, John (fl 1713-15)

John was a psalmodist of Wombwell, Yorks WR. He published the following with James Greene.

1713 A book of psalm-tunes 2nd edn (P63); copy: Leeds University Library
1715 A collection of choice psalm-tunes 3rd edn, Nottingham, Sheffield and London (P67)

Green(e), James (fl 1713-51)

Psalmodist of Wombwell, Yorks WR; later of Hull and North Lincs. See also John Greene.

1718 A collection of psalm-tunes 4th edn (P72; revision of P67; advertised in Nottingham paper)
[1729-] A book of psalmody 6th edn (P98)
1744 A book of psalmody 10th edn (P123); 2 FTs, 1 new
1751 A book of psalmody 11th edn; 2 FTs

Greene, Dr Maurice (d 1755)

'Educated in St Paul's Choir, and afterwards appointed organist of that Cathedral. In 1730 he was appointed Musical Professor at Cambridge, Composer to the Chapel Royal, and Master of the King's Band. He died in 1755.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Green, Thomas (fl 1745)

Psalmodist of Selston, Nottinghamshire. Published (with Christopher Clark) Vocal Harmony Displayed in Psalmody in 1745, the title page of which declares 'The whole Work intirely new (from near thirty Years Practice and Experience) and never before printed'. This book has only recently come to light (via Bibliofind on the web!), and is now available in facsimile in the Library.

Gresham, William (fl 1797)

Organist at Dunstable, Herts

[-1797] Psalmody improved (P307)
[c1800] Psalmody improved (P307 later edn) -- Facsimile available in facsimile in the Library.

Guest, George (1771-1831)

Born Bury St Edmunds, 1 May 1771. Chorister at the Chapel Royal; appointed principal treble at King's Chapel of the Savoy 1784; organist at Eye, Suffolk, 1787–89; organist of St Peter's, Wisbech, 1789-1831. Died 10 September 1831. Compositions: 1817 A Selection of Hymns, 51 settings of psalms and hymns (mostly by Guest) with organ accompaniment (Bob Barr)