Who was who: F

Farrant, Richard (d1585)

An extract from Boyce (1788), Vol. 1, p. vii:

Richard Farrant was Gentleman of the Royal Chapels to King Edward VI, and Queen Elizabeth, and in 1564 was appointed Organsit of St George's Chapel, Windsor, and Master of the Choristers there. In 1580 he resign'd his Place in teh Royal Chapels, and died in 1585.

His Compositions for the Church Service were peculiarly solemn, and well adapted for that Purpose.

Fawcett, John (1789-1867)

Originally a shoemaker; musically self-taught; in 1825 settled in Bolton, Lancashire, as organist, composer and choir master. (Francis Roads)

FFitch, George (fl 1799-1803)

Psalmodist of Great Dunmow, Essex -- note the double capital F, which he insisted on.

[1799] The country chorister (P313); 1 new FT
1801 The country chorister (P313 later edn)

Figg, W. (fl 1795)

Psalmodist of Lewes, Sussex

[c1795] A first collection of four anthems and eight psalms (P301)

Filewood, Thomas R. (fl 1790)

Rector of Mickleham and Dunsfold, Surrey; composer

[c1790] Six anthems (P277)

Firth, Thomas (fl 1787)

Leeds psalmodist.

1787 Sun's harmony, consisting of psalms, hymns, anthems, etc (P262); no copy known

Tim Henderson unearthed the following diary entry from http://leedsindexers.co.uk/Articles/Diary%20of%20John%20SWALLOW.htm:

October 24 Received from the survivors of the late T C Stubbins, the portrait of My Grandfather, Thomas Firth. The portrait of my Grandfather was painted by Rhodes of Leeds, and was presented to him by the LeedsAmateur Musical Society held at the Three Legs Inn, Call Lane. The Portrait was for many years hung up in the Music room of the Three Legs. Thomas Firth was a composer and teacher of music. He was Choirmaster of St. John's in Leeds and subsequently at the Roman Catholic Chapel in Lady Lane. He composed an Oratorio to be sung on laying the foundation stone of the Zion Chapel, now St. James's Church in York street. The Oratorio was called "The Foundation Piece" and was so much appreciated by the music performers in Leeds that it was performed annually (In April I think) and the music on the painting is a part of the Oratorio "Cry and Shout". He wrote a book of Hymn Tunes and Anthems, which were published by Mr. White, who was Organist of Wakefield Church (Parish) and St. Paul's Leeds and Mr. Muff, Music Seller, Commercial Street, Leeds. Several unpublished Anthems and Services of his are in our possession, but the style is not liked at the present day.

Fox, Joseph (fl 1750)

Parish clerk of St Margaret, Westminster

1752 The parish clerk's vade mecum: being a collection of singing psalms (P147; no copy survives)

French, J. (fl 1759)

West Country psalmodist

1759 The young psalm singer's complete guide (P170); 8 new FTs

Friend, John (fl 1795)

Organist at St Mary-le-Bow, Durham

[c1795] Parochial harmony, consisting of a collection of old psalm tunes (P302)