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Bach, Jn. Sebastian (1685-1754)

'A German composer and organist of the first eminence, the competitor of Handel. He was born in 1685, and died in 1754. He composed many Hymn-tunes in use among the Moravian Brethren. He excelled in organ gugues, and was, according to Dr Crotch, the most scientific of all composers.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Baildon, Jos.

'Organist of St Hilary's, in the City, and composed both for the Church and for the public gardens' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Baker, George (fl 1720)


1720 A collection of the best and most musical psalms (P79)

Banister, Charles W. (fl 1792)

1792 Twelve psalm and hymn tunes (D10); 1 new FT

Barber, Abraham (fl 1687-1715)

Parish clerk of Wakefield, Yorks

1711 A book of psalm-tunes; in four parts 6th edn (P60)
1715 A book of psalm tunes in four parts 7th edn (P66)

Barber, John (fl 1723)

John Barber was a psalmodist of Castleton, Derbys. He published the following with Robert Barber.

1723 A book of psalmody (P81)

Barber, Robert (fl 1723-53)

Psalmodist of Castleton, Derbys. See also John Barber.

1727 The psalm singer's choice companion (P93)
1733 A book of psalmody 2nd edn (P106)
1753 David's harp well tuned (3rd edn of A book of psalmody)

Barker, John (c1710-81)

Organist at Coventry, 1731-52

[c1750] A select number of the best psalm tunes, extant (P139a)

Barnes, William

Barnes was schoolmaster at Long Clawson, Leics. He engraved and published the following book after William Carpendale, a fellow Leics schoolmaster and composer, died. Some links with William East of Waltham. (Source: Sue Glover)

(1763) Harmonia-sacra-nova (P186a); 15 new FTs

The following is transcribed from the book's beautifully decorated title page and preface (shame about the music, which isn't quite singable). The original is in the Nottingham Local Studies Library, shelf-mark L65.62A.

A new and curious Collection of Psalm Tunes, Hymns and Anthems, Compos'd after the fuging and Syncoping [sic] methods for 4, 5 and 6 voices, and adapted to the words of the new Version
William Barnes
Master of the free School in Long-Clawson, Leicestershire
William Carpendale
late School-Master at Grimston, Leicestershire.LONG-CLAWSONEngrav'd and Printed by the Author; and sold by Mr Heath, Bookseller in Nottingham and Mansfield, Mr Streeton, Grantham and Sleaford, Mr Cooke, Uppingham, Mr Clements, Melton, Mr Horsley, Leicester.Price 4s. stitch'd.W.B. sculp.Preface
I shall in this place give a short account of my reasons for the publication of the following plates. The Author of half thereof (my particular Friend lately deceas'd) and my self, had each compos'd several Psalm Tunes and Anthems, not with a design of making them public; only with a view to practise them in our own Choirs; till a Year or two ago, we (at the desire of some of our Acquaintance) corrected them in order for publication, but in the mean time my friend died. After his decease his friends gave me all his tunes with permission to publish them at discretion; which (out of regard to my deceas'd Friend) I submit to the candid Examination of the Publick.

But I labour under disadvantage in it; for the late Mr Easts Engraver could not undertake the engraving by reason of the failure of his sight. I knew not where else to apply, so was constrained to try my self, tho' I had never seen a plate cut (or printed off) in my life: how I have succeeded in it will appear on a view of the following plates. Some of the Crotchets are stampt too deep, which require great care in the printing or will leave a white speck in the midst of the heads: which I hope I will be excus'd by my readers in this my first attempt. Every Man is apt to be pleas'd with his own performance; but none can deliver that which shall please all Men. I'll conclude with these lines of the Poet.

The censure of this World, no one can shun:
With these its right, with those its wrong whats done.
Then since from censure none are fairly free,
I value not Aspersions cast on me;
In what I've err'd let all who now me blame,
Labour like me and strive to miss the same.
W Barnes
L Clawson
March 21, 1763

Barrow, John (fl 1730-40)

Psalmodist of Leominster, Here.

1730 A new book of psalmody (P99)
[c1747] The psalm-singer's choice companion 2nd edn (P131)
[1755] The psalm-singer's choice companion 3rd edn

Barton, Ch. (fl c1750)

'Practised as a surgeon, etc. many years in London, during the middle of the last century; and having obtained an honourable competency by his profession, devoted all his leisure to the organ, and to the Oratorios of Handel. Of these he was passionately fond: some of them he adapted to metrical hymns, as Messiah; and others he formed from combining various passages so as to form Psalm-tunes, many of which appeared in the Third Book of A. Williams's Psalmody in Miniature.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Barwick, John (fl 1763)

Kent psalmodist

[c1783] Harmonia cantica divina (P250); 19 new FTs

Battishill, Jonathan (1738-1801)

'Born in 1738, educated at St Paul's. He was afterwards appointed joint organist with Dr Boyce at the Chapel Royal, and subsequently chosen organist of Christ Church, Newgate Street. Besides a variety of secular pieces, he composed several Anthems for St Paul's, and set to music a selection of Wesley's Hymns. He died in 1801, and was buried under St Paul's Cathedral.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Beatson, John (fl 1780)

Hull clergyman (?) and psalmodist

[c1780] A complete collection of all the tunes sung ... in Hull (P242); 5 FTs, 1 new, 2 joint

Beaumont, John (1762-1822)

Psalmodist of Newark.

(1793) Four anthems ... (P293); 2 new FTs

Beaumont, Rev. R. (fl ?1825)

'A minister, if we mistake not, in the Methodist connexion, and author of several popular tunes' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Bedford, Arthur (1668-1745)

Incumbent of Temple Church, Bristol (1693-1715), and Newton St Loe, Somerset (1713-45)

(1733) The excellency of divine music Appendix (D1); 1 new FT
1736-7 Divine recreations (P112; possible attribution)

Beesly, Michael (fl ?1740s-50s)

Psalmodist of Oxfordshire

Temperley (1981) and Temperley and Manns (1983) look in detail at some of Beesly's publications, suggesting that Beesly may have been the main innovator in the development of fuging tunes.

[c1746] A collection of 20 new psalm tunes (P129a, formerly P177); 20 FTs, 18 new
[c1751] A book of psalmody (P145a; formerly P176.A); 19 FTs, 9 joint
[c1755] An introduction to psalmody (possibly a Beesly) (P155a; formerly P176.B); 5 FTs


'A German composer, still living, of extraordinary genius, as appears, not only in his instrumental pieces, but chiefly in his Oratorio of the Mount of Olives, which is said to be pathetic, terrific, and singularly sublime, notwithstanding the author is afflicted with deafness' (Psalmo-Doxologia, c1825)

Bellamy, John (fl 1745)

Schoolmaster of West Redford, Notts

1745 A system of divine musick (P124); 1 new FT

Bennet, Robert (fl 1714-18)

Notts psalmodist

1714 A collection of the choicest and best psalm tunes (P64); no copy survives
1718 The psalm-singer's necessary companion (P70; revision of P64)

Betts, Edward (fl 1714-65)

Organist at Wigan, 1714-28; organist at Manchester, 1728-65

1724 An introduction to the skill of musick (P84)

Billings, William (1746-1800)

A prolific, individualistic and talented American composer, who 'created more fuging tunes ... than any other composer, English or American, in the eighteenth century' (Temperley and Manns, 1983, p. 44). Psalmo-Doxologia says this of him: 'an American Psalm-singer of some taste, but of no musical science; three of his tunes are given from an American publication, with corrected harmonies'.

Billington, Thomas (c1754-1832)

London composer

(1784) The Te Deum, Jubilate, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis Opera XI (P251)

Birch, John (fl 1728)

North Midlands psalmodist

1728 A choice collection of psalm-tunes (P94)

Bishop, John (1665-1737)

Organist at Winchester college, 1695-1737; and at cathedral, 1729-37

[1710] A new set of psalm tunes (P59)
[1722] A new set of psalm tunes
1725 A supplement to the new psalm-book (P90)
[1730] A new set of psalm tunes

Blancks, Edward (16th century)

'An eminent composer of the 16th century, and one of the first who had the honour to set to music Sternhold and Hopkins's Version of David's Psalms. We hind his name to several tunes in the collection of Michael Este, 1592, of which two are given in this Collection -- Canterbury, and the 50th Psalm proper -- tunes formerly considered of great merit.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Bland, John (fl c1776-95)

London music publisher

[c1790] Bland's collection of divine music (P272)

See also Francis Linley

Blow, John (1648/9-1708)

See Anonymous 1731.

Gloria Patri: A Canon of Four in One, set by Dr Blow, was republished by William East in his Collection of Church Music (c1757). A Scorch file is available in the sheet music section of this website.

An extract from Boyce (1788), Vol. 1, p. x:

John Blow was one of the first Set of Children of the Royal Chapels immediately after the Restauration, and became Organist thereof March 16th, 1673. He succeeded Pelham Humphrys as Master of the said Children, in 1674; and afterwards had the Degree of Doctor in Music conferr'd on hum by Archbishop Sancroft. He was also Master of the Choristers of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London, which Place he resign'd in 1693, being chose Organsit of the Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster; and when the Place of Composer to the Royal Chapels was first establish'd, in 1699, he was appointed to it.

Among his Pupils, besides the late Henry Purcell, were Jeremiah Clarke, Dr William Croft, and many others, of great reputation, some of whom are still living.

He was buried in Westminster-Abbey.

Bond, Capel (d 1790)

Organist at Coventry, 1752-90

1769 Six anthems in score (P197)
1769-77 5 later edns

Bond, Hugh (d 1792)

Organist of St Mary Arches, Exeter

[c1776] Twelve hymns and four anthems (P230); 1 new FT
[c1796] The psalms of David in metre (P306)

Booker, Rev. Luke

Vicar of St Thomas's, Dudley. Prolific author and poet. Compiler of the following, under the initials L.B. (Fynn Titford-Mock)

1796 Select Psalms and Hymns for the use of the Churches in Dudley, &c. The second edition. To which is added a Supplement. Publisher: John Rann: Dudley
1823 Select Psalms and Hymns, for the use of the churches in Dudley, etc. Fourth edition. To which is added a supplement. Publisher: J. Hinton: Dudley. 

Bowman, Rev. Thomas

'Vicar of Markham, composed a number of pleasing Hymn-tunes, which originally apperared in the old Gospel Magazine, with the signature of H. E. He was, we are informed, originally intended for the musical profession, and his compositions discover considerable skill as well as taste.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Boyce, Dr William (1709-79)

'Organist and composer to the King, originally apprentice to Dr Green, and afterwards pupil to Dr Pepusch. He composed sixty Anthems, a number of Psalm-tunes, and the favourite Oratorio of Solomon. He died in 1779, aged 70.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Boyd, Henry (fl 1793-1800)

Scottish compiler

1793 A select collection of psalm and hymn tunes (S6); 7 FTs
[c1800] A select collection of psalm and hymn tunes 2nd edn; 7 FTs

Brady, Nicholas (1659-1726) and Tate, Nahum (1652-1715)

Brady was vicar of St Katherine Cree, London; Tate poet laureate 1690-1715.

1700 A supplement to the new version of psalms by Dr Brady and Mr Tate (part II: the usual tunes to the psalms) (P48) 4 later editions 1700-04

1708 A supplement to the new version of psalms ... 6th edn (P57) 4 later edns 1712-40

Bremner, Robert (c1720-89)

Music publisher of Edinburgh, then London

1756 The rudiments of music [part II] A collection of the best church tunes ... (P159), Edinburgh
1762 The rudiments of music [part II] A collection of the best church tunes ... 2nd edn (P159), Edinburgh
1763 The rudiments of music [part II] A collection of the best church tunes ... 3rd edn (P187; revison of P159)
1790 The rudiments of music [part II] A collection of the best church tunes ... (later edn of P187)

Bridges, George (fl 1724)


1724 A new book of psalmody (P85)

Briellat, George

'Some years since leader of the singers at Surrey Chapel, and author of several popular tunes in that collection.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Broderip, John (1719-70)

Organist at Wells cathedral. See also Robert Broderip.

[1745] A new set of anthems and psalm tunes (P125); 1 new FT
[c1750] A new set of anthems and psalm tunes (P125 later issue)
[-1750] A second book of new anthems and psalm tunes (P136); (reissued [1764]); 1 new FT

Broderip, Robert

Robert Broderip (1758-1808) was organist at Mayor's chapel, Bristol (1780-1808), and at St Michael, Bristol (1793-1808). He published the following with his father, John Broderip.

(1798) Portions of psalms, Bath (P309); 1 FT

Broome, John (fl 1725)

John Broome was a Chilterns psalmodist; he published the following with Michael Broome.

[-1725] Michael Broom's collection of church musick [Collection I; 68 leaves] (P89); 1 FT

Broome, Michael (1700-75)

Itinerant psalmodist; later parish clerk of St Philip, Birmingham. See also John Broome

[-1731] A choice collection of psalm-tunes, hymns and anthems (P102)
[c1733] Michael Broom's collection of church music [Collection II, 79 leaves] (P107); 2 FTs, 1 new; copy: Birmingham Public Library
[1733-] A choice collection of sixteen excellent psalm-tunes (P108)
[c1740] A choice collection of psalm-tunes, hymns and anthems (later edn of P102)
[-1744] A choice collection of twenty-four psalm-tunes ... and fifteen anthems (P122); copy: Bodleian Mus.54.f.28
1753 A collection of twenty eight psalm tunes ... (P149); 1 FT
1754 A choice collection of eleven anthem's (P150)
[c1755] A choice collection of twenty four psalm tunes ... with the addition of nine psalm tunes ... (P156); 1 FT; copies: British Library A.902 (lacks additional matter); Birmingham Public Library (lacks title page, but with additional matter including some not mentioned on title page)
1758 Divine harmony: being a collection of twelve anthems (P167)

Buckenham, John (fl 1741)

Psalmodist of Bramfield, Suffolk

1741 The psalm-singer's devout exercise (P120); 3 FTs, 1 new

Burder, Rev. G.

'Minister of Fetter Lane Meeting, and Secretary to the London Missionary Society' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Burdett, Henry (fl 1790)


[c1790] An anthem for Christmas Day [etc] by James Rodgers (P281)

Burney, Dr C. (1726-1814)

'Received his literary education at the Grammar School, Chester, and learnt music under Mr Baker, the organist of that Cathedral. About 1771 he travelled through Framce, Italy, and the Netherlands, to examine the state of music; and after his return published an account, in 3 vols. 8vo. -- a History of Music, in 5 vols. 4to. -- and various other works. Dr Burney contributed several Hymn-tunes to the Lock Collection.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)