Who was who: A

Adams, Abraham (c1752-90)

Psalmodist of Shoreham, Kent [If anyone knows the whereabouts of copies of the earliest editions of the following, please let us know. According to the Thomas Clark Quire, there is an Adams psalm tune book (but lacking its title page) in one of the Kent collections. Please could someone investigate this in detail?]

A choice collection of psalm tunes and anthems
[c1750] (P139); no copy known

The psalmist's new companion
2nd edn 1752 (P146); no copy known
5th edn 1756 (see P146); no copy known
6th edn [c1760] (P174); 15 FTs, 1 new, 2 joint
10th edn [c1775] (P174.10); 17 FTs, 1 joint
11th edn [c1785]; 17 FTs
12th edn [c1795] ; 17 FTs

Addington, Stephen (1729-96)

Independent minister and psalmodist; started in Market Harborough, Leics. Edition numbers below follow Temperley and Manns (1983)

A collection of psalm tunes for public worship
3rd [and earliest surviving] edn 1780 (D6); 3 FTs, 1 new
6th edn 1786 (D6.6); 6 FTs, 3 new
10th edn 1791 (D6.10); 6 FTs
11th edn 1792 (revised J. Murgatroyd) (D6.11); 9 FTs
12th edn 1797 (as above); 9 FTs
13th edn 1799; 14 FTs, 3 new

A collection of approved anthems
2nd edn 1795, Miles End (P298)
See also Hawes, Samuel

Alcock, Dr John [the elder] (1715-1806)

Composer and organist at St Andrew, Plymouth (1737-41), St Lawrence, Reading (1741-49), Lichfield cathedral (1749-60), Sutton Coldfield (1761-86), Tamworth (1766-90)

Psalmody [c1745] (P125); 1 new FT

The pious soul's heavenly exercise (1756) (P161)

Six and twenty select anthems in score 1771 (P207)

Alcock, John (junior) (c1740-91)

'A nephew and pupil of Dr John Alcock; some time organist (we believe) at Preston, and author of sundry Anthems and Hymn-Tunes' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Organist at Newark (1756-68), Walsall (1773-91)

Parochial harmony 1777 (P232)

A collection of anthems [c1777] (P234; seven anthems also published separately [c1773-76])

Six new anthems [1794] [by the compiler and Dr John Alcock (the elder)] (P295a)

Anchors, William (fl 1726)


A choice collection of psalm-tunes [1726?] (P92)

Anfossi, Pascal (1736-1795)

'Born at Naples 1736 -- came to England 1782 -- died at Rome in 1795. He composed many Operas, and some Oratorios to words by Metastasio. One of his favourite airs is preserved and adapted to a hymn by Dr Collyer' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

Arnold, John (c1720-92)

Psalmodist of Great Warley, Essex; published stuff for Leics too

The compleat psalmodist
1741 (P117); 1 new FT
1750 2nd edn (P117.2); 3 FTs
1753 3rd edn ; 3 FTs
1756 4th edn; 3 FTs
1761 5th edn (P117.5); 3 FTs, 1 joint
1769 6th edn; 3 FTs
1779 7th edn (P117.7); 4 FTs

The psalmist's recreation 1757 (P163); 1 new FT

The Leicestershire harmony
1759 (P169); 23 new FTs; copy at Leicestershire Record Office
1767 2nd edn (P169.2); 25 FTs, 2 new; copy at Leicestershire Record Office

Church music reformed 1765 (P190)

A supplement to the complete psalmodist [1777] (P233; sequel to The compleat psalmodist; but see date of 7th edn); 1 new FT

Arnold, Dr Samuel (1740-1802)

'Born in 1740; received into the King's Chapel at the usual age under Mr Gates, and in early life was chosen organist of the Asylum. In 1783 he was appointed organist and composer to the King, and one of the Sub-Directors at Handel's Commemoration; also, about ten years after, organist of Westminster Abbey, where he was buried in 1802. His compositions were very numerous, including several Oratorios, of which the Prodigal Son was the principal. He also composed some of the best long pieces in the Lock Collection of Hymn Tunes.' (Psalmo-Doxologia)

The psalms of David 1791 (P291); 75 new FTs (co-author: Dr John W. Callcott)

Arnold, William (fl. 1807)

'Author of the tune called Job' (Psalmo-Doxologia). A dockyard worker who was choirmaster in a Wesleyan meeting house at Portsmouth (Francis Roads)

Ashworth, Caleb (1722-75)

Psalmodist and Baptist minister at Daventry, Northants. Edition numbers and dates are rather confused

A collection of tunes [Part I]
[c1760] (P175); 2 FTs, 1 new
1765 2nd edn (P175.2); 2 FTs
1766 3rd edn (P175.3); 2 FTs
1775 4th edn (P175.4); 2 FTs

A collection of tunes [Part II]
1762 2nd edn (P185; sequel to P175)
1763 3rd edn (later edn of P185)