Music: John Valentine (c1785)

John Valentine was a wait of the city of Leicester in the second half of the eighteenth century. He arranged subscription concert series, and taught and published music. Most of his publications were instrumental pieces, carefully arranged so that they could be used by different ensembles (for example, solo wind instrument were fully included in the violin parts, in small notation). His one venture into psalmody publishing was

Thirty Psalm Tunes
In four Parts
being Set
Part to the OLD, and Part to the NEW VERSION
Composed by

Transcriptions of all the psalms from 1 to 16 are available in a single download. I'll add Psalms 17 to 30 as and when I have time.
Link to transcription: ValPs01-16.pdf (336 KB)

In contrast with most of the other pieces currently available on this site, these psalm tunes include instrumental interludes and an instrumental bass line.

In all the pieces, the alto line was originally in the alto clef and the top two lines of the instrumental interlude appeared on the same staff line; I separated them because my own group found it easier that way. Throughout the book, Valentine printed the words for only the first verse as an underlay to the music; I've usually added the rest of the psalm, so that you can choose which verses to add.

Vocal line 3 usually carries the air. If you like to double the first and third vocal lines, that usually works well for the simpler pieces and choruses, but it's best to follow Valentine's marking for 'verse' lines to bring out the contrast.

Personal favourites

Source: Bodleian Library (Mus 54 d98(8))