Music: Jonas Pratt (1755)

Jonas Pratt was active in Spalding, Lincolnshire, in the mid-1700s. He published A Set of Anthems and Psalm Tunes, from which these three psalm tunes are taken, in 1755. What is unusual about this book is that several pieces include instrumental bass parts for cello or bassoon (as the preface states) -- and one anthem has parts for two bassoons! Such instrumental parts were rare in printed books of church music before that time (see Temperley, 1979, Music of the English Parish Church, p. 150).

Here are three psalm tunes, all in pdf format.

Psalm 93 NV (116KB) -- D, 3/4, four vocal parts

Psalm 98 NV (61KB) -- D, 3/2, four vocal parts (mp3 recording also available -- 2.8MB)

Psalm 117 NV (108KB) -- D, 2/4, four vocal parts, figured bass

The transcriptions were made from a microfilm supplied by the British Library (shelf mark E.556.c).