Music: Thomas Green and Christopher Clark (1745)

These transcriptions, all of plain psalm tunes, are taken from Vocal Harmony displayed in Psalmody, published by 'Two Admirers of Psalmody', Thomas Green and Christopher Clark, in 1745.

Only one copy of Vocal Harmony is known to have survived to the present. Before this copy was spotted on an Internet antiquarian bookselling site, these Nottinghamshire composers were known only through music republished in 1748 by William East of Waltham, Leicestershire, in the first edition of The Voice of Melody and in Musarum Brittanicanarum Thesaurus.

A facimile of the original is available in the Library.

The scores are available in both pdf and Sibelius Scorch format. To view the Scorch scores, you will need to download a plug-in from Sibelius; however, you will then be able to listen to the files as well as look at them, and easily transpose the scores for instruments such as clarinets. Having said that, I think these psalm tunes work well sung a capella.

Acrobat compilation of psalm tunes (244 KB)

Scorch files

Psalm 25 (St Ives) in 3/2, Am, by C.C.

Psalm 31 (Pentridge) in 3/2, Am, by C.C.

Psalm 42 (Blackwell) in 3/2, Dm, by C.C.

Psalm 67 (Haynor) in 3/2, C, by C.C.

Psalm 84 (Greasley) in 3/2, C, by C.C.

Psalm 100 (Bedford) in 3/2, G, by T.G.

Psalm 104 (Mansfield) in 3/2, G, by T.G.

Psalm 134 (Salisbury) in 3/2, G, by T.G.