Resources from the West Gallery Music Association

Text resources

Tony Singleton is creating an expanding resource at This includes lists of music and recordings available from different publishers, and a cross-referenced collection of literary sources, including contemporary and fictional accounts of west-gallery quires and their music. He welcomes suggestions for further inclusion -- preferably in email form (if attached, as plain text); please send these to Other resources on the site include a page of links to sites containing biographical details of hymn writers and to sites where the hymn and psalm texts may be found.

Organisations to join

Psalmody and gallery music are best enjoyed live! Try joining a local choir to sing/play the music, and the West Gallery Music Association -- details are available on the official WGMA website.

Village Carols

Village Carols is a non-profitmaking organisation which exists to record and promote local carol singing traditions in the UK. For more information, see its pages at

Sacred Harp

There are two general home pages for this closely related music in North America:

There is also a discussion list on Sacred Harp singing. Details are available at the Fasola site.

Metrical psalms

Jim Ross organises a growing resource focusing on metrical psalms and their tunes. Transcriptions and midi files are available. Access his work at

English folk and traditional music

Martin Nail provides a useful gateway to Internet resources on English traditional and folk music at

The Peterborough Folk Diary has changed its name to Fenfolk and is available at

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