MP3 files

Stonesby tune (William East, Voice of Melody (VOM), 1748) 2.37 Mb

Psalm 8 (Michael Beesly, c.1746; this version East, VOM 2, 1750) 2.76 Mb

Psalm 146 -- Stamford tune (William East, VOM 2, 1750) 2.69 Mb

Psalm 98 (Jonas Pratt, 1755) 2.80 Mb

Psalm 111 (William Costall?, 1750) 2.21 Mb

Psalm 77 (Michael Beesly) 2.92 Mb

Psalm 47 (John Broderip, 1750) 2.34 Mb

Psalm 22 (VOM 2, 1750) 3.61 Mb

Psalm 56 (John Everett) 4.53 Mb

Is East now call'd away? (Philip Riley, 2000) 3.41 Mb
A new composition in the gallery music style by a member of the William East Quire. The words are taken from a tract published after William East's death in 1759.

While shepherds watched (William Knapp/William Seal) 3.12 Mb

Shepherds, rejoice (William Seal, c1790) 3.70 Mb

Psalm 23 (John Valentine, 1785) 2.37 Mb

Complin (Samuel Webbe, 1792) 1.90 Mb

General MIDI files

Psalm 47 (VOM 1; 1750): midi file
The copy that used to belong to William Costall (now in the British Library) has a handwritten attribution to Broderip; however, the tune has not been found in any of that composer's published works. An MP3 file is also available.

Psalm 8 (VOM 2; 1750): midi file
A version of one of the most popular fuging tunes ever, commonly known as 'Otford'. This tune first appeared in a collection of psalm tunes published in c.1746 by Michael Beesly of Blewbury, Oxfordshire. Temperley and Mann comment (1983, p. 15): 'In tunes borrowed from Beesly ... East shows his superior technical skill by tidying up some of the faulty passages in the original tunes'. An MP3 file is also available.

Psalm 22 (VOM 2; 1750): midi file
According to Temperley and Manns' (1983) fuging tune index, this is the earliest known printing of the tune (index no. 648). East republished it in c.1755 in his Collection of Church Music, with additional passing notes, dotted rhythms and a slightly different fuging structure (index no. 662). The first version was republished by Ralph Harrison, Sacred Harmony (1784 and later editions), under the name 'Gainsborough'. This version seems to have been also published in America by Simeon Jocelin -- it appears in A Collection of Favorite Psalm Tunes (c.1787) and The Chorister's Companion (2nd edn 1788). An MP3 file is also available.

Psalm 77 (VOM 2; 1750): midi file
Another very popular fuging tune, commonly known as 'Stroud' or 'Newbury'. This tune also first appeared Michael Beesly's collection. An MP3 file is also available.

Psalm 56 (SM; attributed to John Everet): midi file
This first appeared in East's publications according to Temperley and Mann (1983), though his fellow singing-teacher John Harrott of Great Bowden republished a version of it in The Rutland-Harmony (1769). An MP3 file is also available.

Psalm 61 (SM; attributed to John Everet): midi file
Of this tune Temperley and Mann write (1983, p. 15; index no. 868) :

One of the most remarkable [of the more elaborate fuging tunes in East's publications] is Everet's tune 868. It has several contrasting sections, four out of five of them fuging; many 'choosing notes' (the alto part often divides); and some beautiful suggestions of sixteenth-century harmony.