Hymn Tune Index
Form for source description

SOURCE CODE: _________________

Printed book ___    Sheet music ___    Manuscript ___

Composer/compiler (last name first): ________________________________

Brief title/description: ____________________________________________


Place of publication/production (if known): _________________________

Year of publication/production (if known): __________________________

Whereabouts of copy used: Country ___________________________________

     Town ___________________________________________________________
     Library/private owner __________________________________________
     Street address _________________________________________________
     Shelfmark, call number, etc. ___________________________________
     Bound with ____________________________________________________
Are pages numbered? ____    Leaves/sheets numbered? _____

    If so, what is the highest-numbered page/leaf? _____

    If not, how many pages altogether? ________

Give any owner's inscription with date ______________________________


Any watermark in the pages? _________________________________________

How many hymn tunes (by HTI definition) does it contain? ____________

What other kinds of music (anthems, chants, set pieces, canons, etc.)? 


Your name and address: ____________________________________________


Phone: _____________________   e-mail: _____________________________

If possible, supply a photocopy of the title page and of a sample page of music. If not, write out all words of the title page on the back of this sheet, and give page measurements (vertical first).

Please send the completed forms, with this one on top, to Nicholas Temperley, 2136 Music Building, University of Illinois, 1114 West Nevada Street, Urbana, Illinois 61801, USA.

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